Boost Your Website’s Ranking: Four Tips for Effective Link Building

By: Josie
June 26, 2024
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Do you want to improve your website’s ranking and gain more readers with a few keywords? If so, keep reading. 

Links are an essential part of creating a successful website. Links improve a website’s SEO or search engine optimization when done well. They signal to Google the high-quality nature of a website, leading to increased website traffic. For readers, they serve as a chance to provide more information or redirect to a different website. 

This blog post offers four tips on creating successful links to improve viewership and keep readers returning to your website. 

Be descriptive

Click here! Click here for what? Register here! Register here for what? Avoid using common link names. Instead, create links informing readers of their destination or provide them context. Google 

Place links in an appropriate spot

No one likes being confused. Make sure your link makes sense and relates to the topic being discussed. If the link is relevant to the article, readers are more likely to click it. Additionally, ensure that the link is necessary and adds value to the area of text in which the link is placed.

Use high-quality sources

If you want to be viewed as a credible website, only refer readers to credible websites. Choose sources that enhance the viewer’s experience and add to their knowledge. According to Hubspot Blog, linking to credible websites will improve your SEO.

Do not overdo it 

Links can be highly beneficial to a website and its SEO. However, you want to use them strategically. Too many links can leave a negative impression on readers and diminish the importance of well-executed links. Too much of a good thing can be harmful!​​

Here are two link templates

Register for (EVENT) on (DATE) to support (CAUSE) by clicking this link

This descriptive template provides readers with the necessary information about where the link will take them.

(COMPANY) recommends following these ten tips to improve on (SKILL)

If you want to expand the reader’s knowledge and provide them with more information, this template is a great way to complete said task. It gives the source’s name and details of what they will find if they click the link. This template can also be altered and is versatile. For example, you can exchange tips for resources, platforms, people, etc.

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