Services We Offer

Strategic Consulting Services

We'll help you improve your content, products and processes

Content and product audits

Get an in-depth audit of your entire content and revenue operation or a single area of focus. You’ll receive an evaluation including benchmarking, but you’ll also get best practices for improvement and guidance on how to monetize the content and products featured in the audit. Areas of focus in audits include content production, storytelling, headline writing, user experience, social media, newsletters, branded content, contests and much more.

Fractional leadership and services

Our fractional digital content & revenue program ensures we’re providing you leadership and hands-on support for the most important initiatives in your company. Together, we'll create a set of goals and we’ll help you put all of the ideas into action by getting deeply involved with your team and implementing the strategies. The work will deliver results you'll be happy with and we’ll develop your team so they have the skills to take the strategies forward on their own.

Branded content strategy and content creation

‌ Our 60-day boot camp gets your media company ready to tap into the growing revenue stream of branded content through the development of a strategy and resources that can run campaigns for you. Through the program, we not only create or improve your strategy, but will present branded content to your advertisers, create the content and handle the distribution. This teaches your team how to sell it but leaves all of the heavy lifting to us while you enjoy a new revenue stream.
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Newsletter and subscription growth

‌ Our newsletter and digital subscription growth program helps a media company use the power of your newsletters to significantly increase your digital subscription revenue. We help analyze your current technology, newsletter line up and acquisition strategy and we put plans in place that immediately lead to more readers and subscribers.

Build an evergreen strategy

Answer your audience's questions and be a valuable resource through our SEO-focused evergreen content program. We'll develop strategies that help you create content strategies that have long-term search value through our unique SEO approach. We'll build a content calendar, teach your staff how to write the content and can even help you create some of it.
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Benchmarking and staffing

With decades of experience working with hundreds of newsrooms, we have a unique understanding of industry benchmarking, newsroom structures and best-in-class vendor tools. Our expertise can lead to audience and revenue growth, more efficient operations and tools that help manage your content and revenue goals more effectively.

Strategies that grow audience

Over and over again, our work with publishers leads to almost overnight audience growth. Our program teaches newsrooms how to use the most contemporary distribution tools and strategies in areas like SEO, social media, newsletters and notifications with your current content. We also develop new content in areas proven to engage readers that creates an immediate boost to a publisher's overall audience.
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We can create content for you

‌ We are content creators who can support the development of content in any area you need. That includes branded content, evergreen stories, newsletters and social media. We can even step in when a staff member departs and provide content that keeps your site humming and in many cases, increases your audience.