These are the best social media scheduling tools

By: Kelly Do
April 4, 2024
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By Kelly Do

Social media scheduling tools are good aids for media companies looking to manage their online presence. This allows newsrooms to plan, create, and schedule content across various platforms in advance. Often these tools streamline workflow and ensure consistent engagement with audiences.

Here is a rundown of some of the more popular options:

1. SocialPilot

Who they are: SocialPilot is one of the best social media scheduler tools and very popular among major brands. It has an easy-to-use dashboard with all you need to conveniently customize your post with gifs, images, and videos.

Their features: Social Pilot has many features, with support for all top social platforms. It also comes with guided support to optimize your content efforts. You can also leverage a social inbox for instant customer engagement. Key features include a URL shortener, extensive analytics, and reports with white-labeled graphs.

Pricing: Prices start at $25.50 per month for 10 social media accounts. The prices then can go all the way up to $106.25 for agency accounts.

2. Social Bee

Who they are: Social Bee is an award-winning user-friendly social media scheduling app designed to streamline your content management. Social Bee allows you to schedule and publish posts effortlessly across multiple platforms, saving time and maximizing your online presence.

Their features: The key features include social media analytics, team collaboration tools for your social team, support for multiple social media platforms, category-based scheduling to optimize your posts, and social media customization options.
Pricing: SocialBee has three pricing plans. The starting price is the “Bootstrap” plan goes for $19 per month for 5 social accounts and 1 workspace. The next plan is the “Accelerate” plan which goes for $39 per month for 5 social accounts and 1 workplace. The most expensive plan at $79 per month is the “Pro” intended for big accounts and agencies for 25 accounts and 5 workspaces.

3. Pallyy

Who they are: Pallyy is a popular tool among smaller companies. It is one of the more affordable tools and comes with a convenient user interface.

Their features: Key features for beginners include the Pallyy drag-and-drop social media calendars where users can drag their planned posts such as images or captions from a content library and drop them onto specific calendar dates. They also have a dedicated Canva integration for creating visual content. You can also schedule unlimited posts and bulk schedules across platforms.

Pricing: Pallyy has a free package available for access with a bunch of scheduling features. The advanced package costs $15 per month for extra social sets, unlimited scheduling, and collaboration tools.

4. Agorapulse 

Who they are: Agorapulse is a versatile tool that helps users make the most of their social strategies. This tool manages your social channels, tracks reports, manages engagement, and more.

Their features: One of the biggest benefits of Agorapulse is its focus on collaboration which brings teams together from multiple environments to work on your social media post in the same social inbox. Key features include a comprehensive asset library with images and videos, bulk scheduling with a unified calendar, and “approval” for posts.

Pricing: Agorapulse prices start with a free trial of three social profiles with basic tools. The most expensive plans give a wider range of publishing and scheduling tools that extend over $100 per month.

5. Sprout Social

Who they are: Sprout Social helps you target and understand your audience to craft effective messages. It is built for businesses ready to invest in their social strategy. You can schedule content across multiple networks.

Their features: Key features include offering meaningful insights and reports. This can help you track down which users talk about you and your business. Other features include review management for collaborative teams, an all-in-one social media inbox for customer queries, tasking and social CRM tools, and paid promotion tools to enhance your ROI on premium campaigns.

Pricing: With all those features comes an expensive price. Sprout Social standard package starts at $89 per month billed annually. The advanced package costs $249 per month per user and comes with libraries, chatbots, and saved replies.

6. CoSchedule

Who they are: CoSchedule allows users to organize their content across social media platforms and includes WordPress. You can create a content marketing calendar with support.

Their features: One important feature of CoSchedule is a dedicated headline studio that improves headline quality and uses analytics to get behind the scenes with your campaigns. Other key features include a self-service knowledgebase for customer service, unlimited marketing projects, and request forms.

Pricing: The marketing calendar basic service is free with social media publishing across 2 profiles or personal project management. A “Pro” upgrade is $29 per month and includes more social media automation and campaign templates.

7. Hoot Suite

Who they are: Hoot Suite is a leading social media management platform that caters to individuals and businesses seeking to streamline their online presence across various platforms. Hoot Suite facilitates efficient content coordination with shameless integration with WordPress.

Their features: Hoot Suite’s dashboard centralizes scheduling, monitoring, and analytics which offers users valuable insights into their social media performance. Its content scheduling tools enable users to plan and publish posts across multiple platforms. They also foster teamwork by providing robust collaboration features.

Pricing: Prices for Hoot Suite start at $19 per month for the “Professional” plan which caters to various user needs. The second plan called “Team” is priced at $99 per month, extending support for larger teams and additional social profiles.

8. Social News Desk

Who they are: Social News Desk is designed for newsrooms and media organizations to enhance their digital presence. It offers tools for content coordination across social media platforms, enabling efficient publishing strategies.

Their features: Social News Desks features included a comprehensive dashboard for scheduling posts, monitoring media companies’ social media feeds, and analyzing performance metrics tailored to the needs of newsrooms. It provides specialized tools for news organizations, such as real-time alerts and geotargeting capabilities to ensure relevant content delivery.

Pricing: The pricing plans are customizable and based on specific requirements of media organizations. Pricing typically depends on factors like organization size, number of social media accounts, and additional features. It is recommended to contact SND for a personalized quote and to explore pricing options.

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