5 ideas that will help your newsroom create useful and entertaining content this Mother’s Day

By: David Arkin
May 3, 2023
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With Mother’s Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to make sure you have a content strategy in place that will engage and help your audience have a great time celebrating Mom.

Here are five things to do for Mother’s Day in the newsroom:

1. Ask readers to share photos

This can include anything from asking readers to share photos of their mom, mom-look-a-like images to messages for mom.

We have created a call to action you can use on social media to ask your audience to share content with you.

2. Develop a brunch guide

Taking Mom out to eat on Mother’s Day is a popular tradition for many, so why not make it easy on your audience to figure out where to go with a brunch guide featuring some of the best local spots.

An overall list is a good place to start, but you can also center the list around a specific kind of food or a location in town.

Pro tip: Once Mother’s Day is over, change the headline and story to be a broader brunch guide that you can use throughout the year.

3. Free or discounted ideas

Help your audience not break the bank this Mother’s Day with a list of places to go that are free or offer discounts. That could include everything from free museum entrance to discounts at local attractions to where to find food deals.

4. Unique gifts

Help those who are shopping for Mom find unique gifts that are available in your community. You could use social media to ask readers where they turn to shop for Mom. You could also just hit an area of Main Street and pop into a few diverse shops and see what you can find on your hunt.

5. Local advice from celebrities

Ask public figures in town their best advice their Mom ever gave them and package it all together in a nice list for Mother’s Day.

All of these ideas help build audience, involvement and community and your audience will love you for them because they’re useful and entertaining.

David Arkin Consulting can help your media company create content like this for your audience. Contact us at david@davidarkinconsulting.com or go to www.davidarkindconsulting.com for more.

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