4 AI efficient tools graphic designers can use

By: David Arkin
March 8, 2024
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By Jordon Egelston

As AI has become more accessible and easier to use, media companies have started to use the technology to help in daily work like creating graphic designs, social media campaigns, and digital advertising.

What is AI in Graphic Design?

With graphic design, AI enables machines to undertake tasks like image editing, color manipulation, and font design. The integration of AI allows for an accelerated design process for designers, enabling the generation of data-driven designs.

AI can help designers in a variety of ways, including the generation of mood boards, crafting logos, and designing typography. Its advanced color correction ensures visual consistency, elevating the quality of content. Its illustration features can help enhance storytelling with custom graphics and animations.

AI can generate new product ideas or features that a designer had not previously considered. For example you can leverage an AI program like DALL-E to create visuals and efficiently handle mundane tasks such as sifting through vast image libraries for inspiration, generating logos, and even proposing website layouts.

What AI design tools can you use?

Lets Enhance: This tool allows the enhancement of image resolution. High-resolution images are crucial in producing visually appealing graphics, videos, and other multimedia content. By using LetsEnhance.io, you can improve the quality of visuals, ensuring a more professional and engaging presentation across various platforms. This enhancement is particularly useful for content like promotional materials, social media posts, and any media requiring high-quality visuals.

DALL-E: Generates diverse and unique images based on textual prompts. It enables rapid and customized content creation, providing a versatile resource for visual storytelling, graphics, and promotional material. 

Khroma: Provides advanced color palette generation. It utilizes AI to analyze and generate unique color schemes based on specific preferences or themes. For a media company, this means swift and personalized color selection for various projects, such as branding, marketing materials, and website design. 

Midjourney: Generates images from natural language descriptions, which are called prompts. This program is similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E.

View AI for design as a tool not a full solution

While AI possesses the capability to generate certain designs, it’s not set up to completely automate graphic design. The creative nature of graphic design relies on human input. AI provides a valuable assistant to designers and while it can execute various basic operations, it cannot replace the innovation brought forth by a human designer in producing high-level, original creative work.

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