Social media, digital audience growth expert Emilie Lutostanski joins David Arkin Consulting

By: David Arkin
April 30, 2024
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A nationally-recognized industry leader in digital audience growth and social media strategy is joining David Arkin Consulting.

Emilie Lutostanski has been named a digital content strategist for the growing consulting company, which provides a variety of services for media companies including programs in SEO, reader revenue, social media, branded content and fractional leadership.

Lutostanski brings a deep well of knowledge and experience spanning social media, audience engagement, digital products and editorial content to Arkin’s team.

She will specialize in social media strategy and creation, improving publishers’ SEO performance, video and branded content.

“I could not pass up an opportunity to work with David again toward a mission we’re both highly passionate about: helping media organizations thrive and grow,” she said. “Partnering to help publishers drive revenue and audience — making the local news ecosystem more sustainable and marketable in the process — just makes perfect sense.”

Lutostanski and Arkin worked together at Community Impact Newspaper in Texas, where she led the company’s digital efforts and he was head of content.

“I’m thrilled Emilie is joining our team,” Arkin said. “She’s this very special person who understands how to develop strategies that work for audience growth but she actually knows how to get editorial teams to implement the work, because she has had success doing the work herself. Her hands-on approach will get results for our clients”.

She has been working with Arkin for the last six months, supporting a variety of clients, primarily in social media.

“Her experience in social media will be huge for our clients,” Arkin said. “She has built content for our clients’ advertisers that they have loved, helped get social video off the ground for others, and has worked on tactics that are teaching publishers how to successfully engage audiences. Her work so far gives me hope that publishers can still be successful on social media.”

As director of the Local News Resource Center, a partnership with Meta and Local Media Association, she coached hundreds of local newsrooms on how to effectively and efficiently leverage social media to meaningfully engage their audiences. 

She also led the association’s audience development and content strategy, publishing weekly newsletters and authoring extensive and insightful industry reports. Before joining LMA, her work at Community Impact Newspaper earned her numerous accolades in the Local Media Digital Innovation Awards, including Best Social Media Strategy. She was also named to Editor and Publishers 25 under 35 program for leading record-breaking digital audience growth during her tenure at Community Impact.

“I’ve spanned many roles in a rapidly transforming industry, and most of all, I’ve enjoyed getting to collaborate with news organizations of all sizes and formats to test and learn what resonates with audiences. I’m excited to use my creativity and strategic thinking to provide realistic and impactful solutions,” she said.

Lutostanski is the second staff member to join David Arkin Consulting in the last year. Tara Jones, who supports branded content work and writes newsletters for many of our clients, joined the company in 2023. In addition, the company has more than a half dozen contractors they use for different client needs.

You can contact Lutostanski at

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