How to create a great Link.bios page and why they are important

By: David Arkin
February 14, 2024
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By Karina Samuel
David Arkin Consulting

It’s been one of the biggest challenges for Instagram and publishers: Getting a click to your site when the platform isn’t really built for referral traffic.

Tools have been introduced over the years like Stories that do allow for links, but hands down one of the tools publishers are depending more and more now are tools like Link.bios to get readers to the stories media companies are promoting on Instagram. is an important strategy for media companies because it’s far better than sending someone to a section of a website that might have those stories featured. The platform is built to make it easy to find the story that you are promoting.

Why Link.bios are important

Centralized Information Hub: Link.bios provide a one-stop destination for your audience. Instead of cluttering your posts with various links, a single can house everything from your latest articles to project highlights and promotional content.

Bridging the Content Gap: Instagram limits you to a single bio link, but with Link.bios, you can seamlessly connect your followers to a multitude of resources. This is particularly valuable for media outlets with diverse content spread across different platforms.

Enhanced User Experience: A helps guide your audience precisely where you want them to go, whether a recent news piece, a video interview, or a feature story.

How to Effectively Use Link.bios

Curate Content Thoughtfully: Just like building a compelling carousel, each link in your should contribute to your overall brand. For media companies, this could mean categorizing links under latest news, opinion pieces or interviews.

Regular Updates: Keep your fresh and relevant. This means that you need a few posts a week at a minimum.

Analytics and Adaptation: Utilize the analytics provided by your tool to understand what content drives the most traffic and engagement. Use these insights to refine your content strategy.

Ideas and Tips

Highlight a Major Story: Use your to direct followers to a major news story or feature. For example, “Explore our in-depth coverage of the recent primary.”

Behind-the-Scenes Content: Link to exclusive behind-the-scenes content of a major news event or interview, enhancing the audience’s connection with your work.

Special Series or Columns: If you have a regular column or series, use your to create a dedicated section where followers can easily access all related content.

Interactive Content: Link to interactive pieces like quizzes or polls related to your stories, encouraging more engagement.


The New York Times effectively encourages its audience to read a more detailed coverage of Trump’s trials via a link in bio. 


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A post shared by The Wall Street Journal (@wsj)

The Wall Street Journal entices readers to watch the video of the farmers’ protest by providing a short snippet on Instagram and linking a complete cut in the account bio. 


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A post shared by The Daily Tar Heel (@dailytarheel)

 The Daily Tar Heel advertises its interactive fundraising game using a link in bio.  

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