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By: David Arkin
April 11, 2024
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So, how exactly would we work with you?

It’s a question that those in sales of course love to be asked. It’s an opportunity to show that you listened to the client in past conversations and showcase what you can do for them.

This is a question I get often as people meet or learn about me. Yes, get ready for it, this is going to be a sales-centered email but I think useful for anyone who has wondered how they could work with me. Or, if we’re working together today, this may provide some additional ideas on how we could work together in other ways.

Fix your SEO

The problem: Google’s recent changes have many wondering what they should be doing technically (site load time, sitemaps, toxic links) and also on the content creation side (headlines, meta descriptions, URLs and personalization). But outside of Google’s changes, many just want feedback to know if they are doing the right things. It’s a confusing space.

What we do: We’ll review where you are at (technically and on the front end) and create an overview of the areas to focus on. Some of that may mean working with a technical resource, but I find that together, we can solve many of these technical issues together. As for the front-end, we’ll take that review and apply it to your upcoming content. That’s a combination of training, creating processes in your planning to write content with these best practices in mind and reviewing content before or after it posts, ensuring all the right things are happening. And then we apply the metrics that you should track to ensure it’s all working.

How we structure it: Typically as an hourly rate with a cap on the hours based on what I commit being able to accomplish in a set amount of time. This creates transparency for clients on what they can expect to be achieved and no surprises at the end on cost.

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Make real money with branded content

The problem: Publishers either don’t have a branded content program or their current approach isn’t yielding the results they need.

What we do: If a publisher doesn’t have a program, we develop a strategy and program (we can do it in 30-60 days) that addresses rates, packages, content creation, distribution and results. If they have a program, we review what they are doing and produce a document of suggested changes and resources and then agree on what to change. One of the keys to the program is that whatever a publisher needs, they get. If that’s help pitching to an advertiser, having content created (or reviewed) or presenting results — or all of the above — we’re able to provide the right resources to create something successful.

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How we structure it: We generally start off with an hourly rate with guidance on the time it may take (are we building this from scratch or does a program exist). Many times we’ll have steps to achieve along the way like sales training that we can build into the program, but it’s total custom. If we transition into playing the role as content strategists and creators, we’ll agree on a rate per story. 

Get me a bigger audience

The problem: Changes to social media, SEO and a host of other issues have unfortunately led to a drop in audience levels for many publishers.

What we do: We really start with the content as opposed to the platform, reviewing the kinds of topics being covered, exploring new niches and story formats. We work to get things like the right kind of digital planning in place, addressing workflows and skill gaps that exist. Then we focus on what to do with the products, like figuring out the right newsletter template, the kind of Reels to develop and more.

How we structure this: Usually a flat fee. I have found — as have our clients — that they get more value from me in this area when we agree on priorities but structure the engagement that allows me to find other opportunities that are outside of the original agreement. Basically, I’m able to use my experience in leadership roles over two decades at lots of media companies to help publishers who don’t have a resource like me grow audience and revenue in attainable ways.

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There’s actually a lot more

So much of our work is custom. Here are a few examples:

  • We write a daily newsletter for a metro newspaper and weekly newsletters for a luxury magazine and new digital only site.
  • We’re writing list based local content for more than a half dozen clients fueling huge audience growth.
  • We’re helping vendors develop better processes and products that make their technology more useful for newsrooms.te

I love the variety, the ability to help so many people and move our industry forward.

And I’d welcome the opportunity to help you.

Contact me at david@davidarkinconsulting.com or call or text me at 832 407 0188.

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