3-month branded content campaign ideas to pitch

By: David Arkin
December 19, 2023
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Some industries lend themselves well to pitch branded content to. What’s not as easy to figure out, however, is how to create a unique and localized content plan that will make the campaign really take off.

Now, there are your obvious stories to get the campaign kicked off — business or individual profile stories, a client testimonial, and so on. But, to string together a successful branded content campaign, you’ll want a variety of story topics — the more local and specific the better, to stand out from all of the other “How to choose the right real estate agent for you” articles swimming around on Google.

Below is a guide on the kinds of stories you could pitch for different industries when selling a several-month campaign:

🏡 Real Estate agent/brokerage

  • Recommendations on shops, restaurants, events, etc. from the agent/their favorites
  • A look at hyper local real estate trends and projections
  • Local expertise on top neighborhoods for specific demographics (families, renters, etc.)

5 reasons why your family will love living in Rockville Centre, according to this Long Island real estate agent

🎒 Educational Institution (Private or charter schools, colleges/universities)

  • Highlight notable alumni and share their experience at the school
  • Profile the school leaders, board members, beloved teachers, etc.
  • Highlight projects or initiatives that have gained recognition

Francis W. Parker School Fourth Graders Recognized by Harvard Graduate School of Education

🌳 Home Services provider (Landscapers, roofers, builders, etc.)

  • Expertise on recent trends in their respective fields (What’s trendy for landscaping this season, etc.)
  • Projections on upcoming weather trends and what customers need to do with that information (What plants are El Niño winter friendly, etc.)
  • How to incorporate more sustainability in and around the home

VS Roses Landscape and Design shares 6 ways you can implement sustainable practices into your landscaping

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