How TV stations can be effective on Facebook today

By: David Arkin
August 18, 2022
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TV stations are well regarded in their communities with lots of followers on social media. Here are some of the approaches that can really work for them on Facebook.

There are some very useful takeaways on the most effective ways TV stations are using Facebook in this new paper noted in this Neiman Lab story that applies to lots of media types, so I am calling out a few worth paying attention to.

📹 Most stories don’t have video: Less than 10% of stories did, which is a bit surprising based on the amount of video TV stations have. Related video to a topic (as long as it’s appropriately labeled) is an opportunity, as well as video slideshows, are ways to help grow in this area.

⚠️ Breaking, breaking: Not surprising that breaking news plays well, including content about emergencies for stations. That continues to be a sweet spot for TV. It can be too much at times but there are lessons here for others around getting critical information out fast.

⏰ Morning and evening: We have known for a while that morning and early evening are optimal times for social, but the paper makes an interesting point that those are posting times not distribution times. Could posting earlier get content actually distributed at those times?

🖊️ How long? Going on and and on is not effective. 22 words to be exact made up a successful post. So short on Facebook seems to still rule, or maybe short-is.

🙄 Stop the hashtags: Use them on Instagram, but as the paper suggests, it may be a bit embarrassing if you are still doing them on Facebook.

➕ Engagement strategies? The paper did focus on reactions and comments but didn’t offer much on ways to get readers to interact beyond the stories you’re posting. I’d still argue asking questions, seeking submissions and being helpful on social media, is critically important.

David Arkin is the owner of David Arkin Consulting. Connect with him on LinkedIn to find out how he can help your media organization today.

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